Ideas for Activities
Ideas for Activities Focused Advertising Tricks
Check out the Don’t Buy It site for lots of good ideas to try out with your kids. This is a great resource to use when starting to teach your kids about how to become critical consumers of media messages.

Some places to start exploring this site would be:
Food Advertising Tricks You Should Know About. Have you ever wondered how the food in ads is made to look so appealing when in real life, you often discover that the food doesn’t look quite as good. Don’t miss checking out:

Another fun activity to try with your child is:
Create Your Own Ad.
Learn about the process of creating an ad as you try to create an ad of your own.

Be sure to have your child try the Ad Detective activity. Many times children don’t’ recognize that ads are all around us. This is a good activity for helping to raise their awareness.
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Explore a Webquest
The goal of this Web quest is to help your elementary age child understand the persuasive techniques that are used in advertising and how to use these techniques to share their own positive message.
Make A Video
Make your own video about food choices. See this video created by sixth-grade students about junk food.
YouTube - Is Junk Food Really Good For You?YouTube - Is Junk Food Really Good For You?-1
Try the Ad Decoder
Brought to you by the CDC, this interactive activity examining health issues as they are presented in magazines. Your preteen may be encouraged to visit this site.

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How many toys could you buy
So your child keeps wanting to go back to the fast food restaurant just so he/she can collect more of the TV or movie figurines that are included when you buy the “kids’ meal.”

Calculate how much money your family would save if you didn’t purchase all those meals just to collect the toys. Have your child think about what kind of toy you might be able to purchase with your savings. You might even want to go online together and go to a toy site where your child could pick a toy that your family could buy with the savings.

Another interesting idea is to go online and find out what cheap toys similar to the ones that your child is seeking would cost if they were purchased in bulk. You might just discover that you could soon buy an entire bag of similar figurines with your savings!
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Dining Decisions Game
Encourage your children to visit Body and Mind (BAM) brought to you by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site, BAM. Try out the dining decisions game as a way to initiate conversation about food choices.

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Fruit and Veggie Art Projects
Students in grades K-6 were encouraged to make their own colorful drawings encouraging people to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Check out some of the 120 drawings that the students made. Some of these drawings were laminated and placed on buses so that the community would be able to see them.

To read more about this project, go to:
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Healthy Eating Games

Encourage your elementary age children to go to this site or you might want to play some of the games with your younger children too. While you’re there, check out the recipes and tips for parents.

Nutrition Explorations_ Kids
Have your kids check out the Power Panther on the site brought to you by the US Department of Agriculture. In the Farmer’s Market section of this site, the kids will find interactive activities designed to encourage healthy food choices. There are activities on this site for 4-6 year olds and their 7-10 year old brothers and sisters.

Visit this
website sponsored by the Pacific Science Center. The site provides nutrition information while involving your child in interactive games. One game gives a scenario in which the player is required to guess the missing nutrient and therefore learns what that specific nutrient does for the body. Other activities involve a game of Jeopardy and building a meal.

The British Nutrition Foundation website offers some interactive activities designed to get your child thinking about where food comes from. There are activities for 5-7 year olds as well as 8-11 year olds on this site.§ionId=54

The site sponsored by Washington Growers offers interactive activities, child-centered recipes, and fun facts about Washington tree fruits. See this section of the site, for example, sponsored by Washington Apple Commission:
Home Page - Just For Kids - Washington Apple Commission

Find Some Stories
Sponsored by USA Pears this site provides stories and games for kids. You can introduce your child to Pear Bear, for example, who is the lead character in the story. We also get to meet Pear Bear Buddies. Since the pears and apples that are promoted on this site typically don’t make it into the commercials that children view, this is a chance to give these fruits some special attention.

Justforkids - Just For Kids Home - USA Pears
Fruits and Veg Webquest
Webquest on fruits and vegetables presents their names and characteristics, what they look like, where they grow (on trees, underground, etc.) and which countries they come from, what parts we eat, how they taste, which family they are from, how we eat them, and more.

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Pumpkin/Calories Game
Sponsored by: Nemours Foundation. A calorie game, players are asked to feed a pumpkin candy; once the pumpkin has had its daily amount of calories they are told to stop.

Food&Physical Activity
Sponsored by: United States Department of Agriculture. This is an interactive computer game where kids can reach Planet Power by fueling their rocket with food and physical activity. “Fuel” tanks for each food group help students keep track of how their choices fit into the MyPyramid guide for healthy food choices. - United States Department of Agriculture - For Kids