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Food Frauds
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Food Frauds
When you’re trying to decide what’s in a package, you may be surprised once you look further at just what you’re getting inside.
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Where’s the fruit? Notice how the front of the box has pictures of fruit and the name of the cereal is “Swirled Berries?” Look at the ingredients on the food label—do you see any fruit listed? Nope! Not a one!

Swirled Berries is not the only example out there on your grocery store shelves.
Center for Science in the Public Interest wrote this article about another of the many many culprits who use the ol’ fruit fraud message to sell their product.


The next time you choose a fruit snack or other product supposedly giving you lots of fruit, check out how much fruit it actually contains before putting it in your shopping cart.

Is Smucker’s Simply Fruit composed of mainly fruit? For this and other questions about products you may easily recognize, be sure to visit:
Fresh versus Frozen Debate
Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables are sometimes more nutritious than fresh ones. The longer fruits or vegetables sit around waiting to be sold or eaten, the more nutrients they lose. But fruits and vegetables grown for freezing are usually frozen right after they’re picked. Therefore, they have less time to lose their nutrients.

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